At SportstarZ swimmers can choose between different age groups and therefore find the camp that’s best suited his or her needs.

The biggest difference is the way of swim-training but also matters such as recreational activities, theory, sleeping times and dry land training are adapted to the different abilities and needs of different ages.

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Are you that swimmer who we’ll find on national and international competition stages within a few years? Do you live and breath swimming, age 12 and up and hold at least a SportstarZ-TalentstarZ-limit* on one or more distances? In that case this TalentZ Camp will be definitely it for you! During all (water)sessions video equipment is available to analyse your techniques both under- and above water. In addition to the water training sessions you’ll also be coached by professional mental sports coach and receive mental training.

SportstarZ TalentstarZ-Chart Boys (100m short course)


SportstarZ TalentstarZ-Chart Girls (100m short course)

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