A good swimming technique is the foundation for every competitive swimmer, especially in this age group. To learn and improve the right techniques during our summercamp we make use of high tech video cameras in and above water to extensively analyze swim strokes, starts and turns. In cooperation with Eindhoven’s national Innosportlab and WinnerCam we are able to offer you the most advanced electronic training devices to analyse and improve your swimming skills.

In Eindhoven we make use of the 4 lane ‘state of the art’ training pool which is equipped with a so-called Vision Training System (thirteen cameras to create comprehensive analyses) which is unique in Europe! At our other locations we make use of similar mobile systems.

During our five-day Summercamp analyses will be evaluated with the participant. Parent(s)/care taker(s),will receive extensive analysis and feedback through e-mail by the end of the week.  Participants will receive their own cloud storage with recordings.

Continue training your techniques! We advise you to show your club trainer your recordings in order to give extra information about your under water technique.

Holiday !

It is your holiday so beside your every day training there is plenty of time to enjoy other activities. Some activities we will undertake with the group but of course there will be time to relax, read a book or chat some with your (new) friends.

The recreational activities we offer vary per location and age of the group. In Eindhoven for example you will find yourself crawling through our forest during an exciting kids-paintball game or working your skills in our volleyball competition. For our YoungstarZ we often read nice stories before we go to sleep or play on our outdoor game computer.

Beside fun there will be also more serious activities according to the age of the group. Workshops about nutrition, mental training or techniques. Of course with the (underwater)recordings your skills will be analyzed and evaluated. Also very popular are our land-training sessions given by our Dutch top swimmers.