Rotterdam (NL) JuniorstarZ
Swimming centre

Rotterdam: This 50 meter competition pool belongs in the top 5 of the Dutch top swimming pools. Enough reason for SportstarZ to choose this pool. The swimming pool is located in a suburb of Rotterdam and offers all the facilities needed for the competitive swimmer.

The entire complex is very spacious. Because the facilities in the Hofbad can be adjusted if necessary, it is possible to train in both a 50-meter pool and a 25-meter pool. This is possible because the court bath has a fully automatic wall. For SportstarZ, that means an extra choice option. There will be trained twice a day in this beautiful swimming pool.

This week the focus will be on the technique of the 4 swimming strokes. Lunch will be held in the zwemcentrum at noon. There is a nice large canteen where athletes can enjoy their lunch.

This year, mobile video underwater and surface water recordings will also be used. SportstarZ introduced this system to SportstarZ for the first time in 2019. It gives the possibility to zoom in even closer to the performance of the swimmer so that a nice clear analysis is possible. This analysis is discussed 1 on 1 with the swimmer.

Everything in the context of improving the performance of the swimmer.




Boerderij dichtbij

The Hague: The location that SportstarZ has opted for is group location “Boerderij Dichtbij” in the green area of Westland. The transport from the swimming pool to “Boerderij Dichtbij” and back will take place with your own coach. “Boerderij Dichtbij” offers everything the sporty swimmer needs. It is a beautifully converted farmhouse that offers the possibility of pleasant stay both inside and outside. With its cozy corners and seats, it is just wonderful to relax after a day of swimming training with your sports friends.

The location offers the availability of 2 person rooms with shower and toilet. A lot of training makes you hungry and good food belongs to the top athlete. Our own caterer provides a healthy and tasty meal every day.




  • Lots of privacy in double rooms with bathroom facilities
  • Maximum 36 participants
  • Recreation program
  • Training in a 50-meter top swimming pool
  • Transport to and from the swimming pool with your own bus
  • Cozy luxury group accommodation exclusively for SportstarZ
  • Top training with video analysis
  • All inclusive with breakfast buffet and 3-course evening meal
Summer 2020
  • 20 july – 24 july 2020 JuniorstarZ

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