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I am not sure a SportstarZ camp is suiting for my child?

Our training program is suited for young competitive athletes who are used to train several times a week. During our swim camps YoungstarZ train circa 3 and TopstarZ circa 4 hours a day. Also our (recreational) activities focus on the swimming sport. This requires enthusiasm for swimming, a firm level of fitness and great perseverance.

What are the times for check-in & out?

Two weeks in advance of the start of camp you’ll receive our voucher with important information such as what to bring and routedescription. Further more in this voucher you’ll find the definite times; what time participants are expected first day of camp and what time they’re ready to be picked up the last day.

As an indication you could use the following information:

Check in first day around 9:00 AM / check-out last day around 4:30 PM

Please note: these times are indicative only and can vary per camp. Always use the definite times which can be found on your voucher you’ll receive two weeks before start of camp!

I’ve registered together with a friend; will we be in the same group?

Of course it’s extra fun to join SportstarZ together with a friend so there are plenty of moments to enjoy fun activities together. SportstarZ aims to get the very best out of your sports performance. This is why we divide training groups in age and ability and cannot take your preference into account.

Though, if you inform us during your booking, we will do our best to make sure you sleep together (or close) in a room, that’s obviously most fun!

What does my child needs to bring, what’s recommended about valuables?

  • WinnerCam bracelet (if you come for the first time, and you do not have a WinnerCam bracelet yet, you will receive this from us at the check in.
  • Swimwear (extra set)
  • Sufficient towels
  • Goggles
  • Kickboard & pull buoy
  • Training fins
  • Jogging suit
  • Sports shoes
  • Toiletries
  • Frontsnorkel (not necessary for starts and turns,  for sale at SportstarZ € 20,-)
  • T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Flip flops / slippers
  • Lunch first day
  • Warm (evening) clothing
  • Permanent marker
  • Backpack or sportsbag
  • Sunscreen  (summer)
  • Rainsuit (spring / autumn)

My child does not speak Dutch or English, can my child come anyway?

We are thoroughly experienced in welcoming (foreign) young swimmers who often do not speak Dutch. Training and guidance will be given in English. Even children who do not speak Dutch or English are often very well able to follow training and activities simply by following by example. Most important is the willingness and ability of your child to connect ask questions and enough confidence to make him-/herself understood otherwise.

When and whom can I inform about important additional information regarding my child?

We highly appreciated to receive important details about your child during your booking. In this way, the entire crew is well informed in advance.

Your child will also be linked to his / her mentor for the week. The mentor is the first contact for your child and watches over his/her mentor group swimmers during the week. In case you have important additional information regarding your child it is possible to talk this through during check in with the according mentor.  Furthermore our supervisor is there to help after the (often busy) check in.

My child uses medication, who will help?

Your child’s mentor, together with the supervisor, is able to support your child taking his/her medication. The mentor can store your child’s medication and help reminding him/her. Some independence of your child is required; SportstarZ cannot be held responsible for improper use or be held responsible in any case.

My child is homesick, how does the team of SportstarZ handle this?

We are committed to offer a comfortable feel and safe atmosphere for your child. Our camps are fun but intense, especially when swimmers get tired homesickness may arise.  Experience has shown that contacting home often reinforces feelings of homesickness this is why we choose to motivate, comfort and reassure your child ourselves as far as possible. In case this is not enough we will not hesitate to contact you to seek for a suiting solution.

Our supervisor is 24/7 accessible through the emergency number that can be found on your voucher and will never hesitate to contact you if necessary.

I like to contact my child by phone during camp, when is this possible?

We aim to have your child engaged in sports, fun activities and each other. In addition mobile phones often tent to get lost, damaged or need to be charged frequently. This is why our Supervisor collects all mobile phones and stores them safely until our phone moments. The exact times will be communicated during the welcome speech after check in.

Our supervisor is 24/7 accessible through the emergency number that is communicated on your voucher and will never hesitate to contact you if necessary.

My child has a special diet / allergies; can this be taken into account?

Please inform us about your child’s diets or allergies during registration. Usually our caterer takes this into account. In some cases additional nutrition is required, it’s possible to inform us and bring this. If necessary our supervisor can store this (cold).

I have registered my son/daughter but have not received a confirmation email.

You should have received your confirmation email within 2 minutes. Possibly our mail is send to your spam/junk box, please check these and register our email address to your inbox.

It is also possible you have used browser arrows during sign in or waited more than 15 minutes, in these cases your registration has been cancelled. In that case, please try again.

When should I pay?

In the confirmation email you receive within two minutes after registering by mail, you are asked to make the first payment of 45% of the invoice. 45 Days in advance of start of camp you have to pay the second term of 55%.
Registrations will be processed in order of payment. In case of late payment there is a chance the camp of your choice is already fully booked.

How can I pay the camp costs?

Once you have registered you will receive a payment link to Ideal / Mister Cash / Bancontact / Sofortbanking eCommerce. If none of these options is possible then “bank to bank” is an option.

Your question not in this list? Please contact our customer service: info@

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