Dordrecht (NL)
Dordrecht (NL)

Sorry! Dordrecht summer 2019 is fully booked

Dordrecht (NL) This eight-lane 50 mtr pool can certainly compete within the top of best swimming sites in the Netherlands. Therefore we are proud to offer our swimmers two training sessions a day in this professional pool. Also in Dordrecht we make underwater recordings using mobile video equipment through which we are able to offer swimmers the same great skill-to-skill assessments based on their extensive video analyses.the focus of the summer camp is on the technique of the four swim strokes.


SportstarZ Swim Camp has selected Stayokay hostel Dordrecht for a safe and very comfortable stay. After a day of intensive training it’s the ideal place to relax and enjoy your free time away from the pool. The four person bedrooms with private bathroom offer privacy and make it an ideal place to withdraw and read a good book and of course enjoy a good night sleep. This hostel is situated just were national park ‘De Hollandse Biesbosch’ begins.

This hostel is situated amidst greenery, just were national park ‘De Hollandse Biesbosch’ begins. A great place with plenty of space to enjoy all sorts of (sportive) recreational activities or look back at the training day sitting at the sunny terrace.  During our free recreation afternoon we enjoy the sunshine at the beach, glide over our soap slide and cool off in the beautiful lake on just a little walk from the hostel. Of course we’ll also explore the beautiful Biesbosch by canoe this week.


What to expect in Dordrecht


  • Training in a topsport competition pool
  • Unwind & relax in four person rooms with private bathroom
  • 35 – 55 swimmers
  • Fun beach and soap slide activities
  • Transportation by coach bus
  • 3-Course buffet with BBQ

Sorry! Dordrecht summer 2019 is fully booked