Leipzig (D) YoungstarZ & JuniorstarZ
Leipzig (D)
Hofwiesenbad Germany

From upcoming summer onwards SportstarZ will host a swimcamp in Germany. To be precise the pool is in the place Leipzig, close to Berlin in the east of Germany. As one of the most important industrial and commercial locations, the city’s population increased dramatically in the second half of the 19th century. At that time, former suburbs developed into up-and-coming neighbourhoods. The swimming facilities at Leipzig are great! There is a 6×50 meter pool both from walking distance from the hotel. 




SportstarZ Leipzig JuniorstarZ & YoungstarZ

Gästehaus Schullandheim Gera

The swimmers lodge in guest house ‘Schullandheim Gera’, our beautiful accommodation in the greenery of ‘Leipzig’. After swimming it is a great place to spend our free time. Our guest house is wonderfully situated in the country side with plenty of space to enjoy ourselves. Of course, besides the beautiful surroundings there’s enough to undertake on the site itself. Every night we offer various fun (sports) activities.

The boys and girls sleep separately in cosy dormitories in comfortable bunk beds. At night our staff members make sure everyone is able to enjoy the necessary sleep to start their new training day in good spirit. Intensive training increases your appetite. That’s why we offer our participants every day two bread meals and a firm warm evening dish, which will give us the necessary energy we need


  • Training 50m swimming pool!
  • Top training with video-analyses
  • Comfortable stay in our guesthouse with dormitories
  • All inclusive with breakfast buffet and 3 course evening catering.
  • 25 – 32 swimmers
  • 4 and 6 person rooms
  • Exiting activity’s at own location
Leipzig 2021

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