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Summer 2019 

Pieter van den Hoogenband
Swimming stadium Eindhoven
Summer Camp
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Pieter van den Hoogenband
Swimming stadium Eindhoven
TalentZ Camp
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             (during business hours)


TalentZ Camp Eindhoven

Eindhoven 5 days TalentZ Camp

SportstarZ offers this brand new concept for those swimmers who would like to get the very best out of themselves. Are you that swimmer who we’ll find on national and international competition stages within a few years? Do you live and breath swimming, age 11 and up and hold at least a SportstarZ-TalentstarZ-limit* on one or more distances? In that case this TalentZ Camp will be definitely it for you!


This new SportstarZ concept offers 5 days of intense technique training. During all (water)sessions video equipment is available to analyse your techniques both under- and above water. All your strokes will be analyzed and we’ll also have a good look at your starts. We offer a trainer to swimmer ratio of 1:6 so even more individual attention is guaranteed here. In addition to the water training sessions you’ll also be coached by professional mental sports coach and receive mental training. You’ll definitely be prepped to make the leap to the top!


After swimming we reside in an optimal sports environment in order to fully recharge again. Sports Hotel ‘de Moorsselse Hoeve’ offers fourteen modern and very comfortable quadruple bedrooms with excellent beds for a great rest and all with private bathrooms. Swimmers will be transferred daily by coach. Our professional chef will prepare our daily warm sports meals full of carbohydrates. This way you can get used to the life of a professional athlete.

What to expect?

  • Training in Europe’s biggest swim centre!
  • 25 – 32 swimmers
  • Mental coaching from sports psychologist
  • Private coach bus to pool
  • Video analyses
  • Private and exclusive use of complete guest house
  • Luxery 4 person rooms with private bathroom
  • Bedding provided
  • Dinner buffet in restaurant

iSportstarZ is a new concept, developed by the technical staff of SportstarZ. The new methodology will be used for training purposes at SportstarZ. The goal of this method is to achieve maximum improvement in 1 SportstarZ week. Every swimmer will receive personal online advice with recordings to continue improving also after the SportstarZ’s week. In addition to personal tips, videos containing examples from other swimmers will be given.


TalentZ of today, are the StarZ of tomorrow

* Check your SportstarZ- TalentstarZ limit here

You must have a minimum limit of 1 distance to enroll for a TalentstarZ Camp. If you do not have a limit, sign up for a SportstarZ Summer Camp. Also on a Summer Camp we will work hard and you may have a limit next time.

SportstarZ TalentstarZ-Chart Boys (100 meter short course)

Your age on 1-1-2018 Butterfly          Backstroke    Breaststroke     Freestyle
11 1:20 1:17 1:29 1:09
12 1:15 1:12 1:23 1:05
13 1:12 1:10 1:20 1:03
14 1:08 1:08 1:18 1:02
15 1:06 1:06 1:14 0:59
16 1:05 1:05 1:13 0:58
17 1:04 1:04 1:12 0:58
18 1:03 1:03 1:11 0:57


SportstarZ TalentstarZ-Chart Girls (100 meter short course)

Your age on 1-1-2018 Butterfly         Backstroke    Breaststroke Freestyle   
11 1:22 1:20 1:30 1:12
12 1:18 1:17 1:27 1:09
13 1:17 1:16 1:26 1:08
14 1:16 1:15 1:25 1:07
15 1:14 1:13 1:23 1:06
16 1:13 1:12 1:22 1:05
17 1:12 1:10 1:20 1:04
18 1:10 1:09 1:19 1:03

TalentstarZ program summer 2019

Datum Locatie Doelgroep
15 july - 19 july Eindhoven TalentZ
12 august - 16 august Eindhoven TalentZ
19 august - 23 august Eindhoven TalentZ

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