Eindhoven Start-Turn-Finish Clinic
Eindhoven Netherlands
Pieter v/d Hoogenband
Swimming stadium Eindhoven Netherlands

Eindhoven Start-Turn-Finish Clinic covers 30% of a swimming race in a 50m pool. In a 25m pool this percentage is even higher. This is why it is so important to focus on start, turns and finishing. Guided by top swimmers/coaches all starts and turns will be trained during this 3-day swim clinic SportstarZ has developed.

SportstarZ introduces a start & turn analysis to optimise starts and turns. These skills will be recorded with one camera above and three cameras underneath the water surface (high speed camera system). The swimmer will be traced from the starting block till the 15m point. The images will then be analysed with our advanced start & turns analysis program. Through these analysis data is calculated such as take off angle, dive angle and the depth curve. Based on this information the swimmer will receive specific instructions to improve one’s start. Besides the measurement results and the individual improvement instructions swimmers receive cloud storage with their images and a detailed analysis with all data and instructions to improve one’s start.

Likeall our camps also during this 3-day special we believe: ‘Performance comes with pleasure’. In our opinion it’s important to enjoy your sport. Only if you have fun in swimming you have a chance to succeed. This is why, beside serious training, there’s also enough time to make new friends and enjoy many fun recreational activities. Twice a day we train in Europe’s largest and most beautiful swimming pool the “Pieter van de Hoogenband Swimming stadium” in Eindhoven. This high-tech swimming complex is the home base for national top-class swimming athletes and numerous swimming clubs.

't Uilenest or Moorsele hoeve
Geldrop or Lierop

Just twenty minutes from the swimming center is ‘t Uilenest inn, our cozy accommodation in a green environment. After swimming it is great to relax in and around this inn. The boys and girls spend the night separately, in two cozy dormitories, in comfortable bunk beds. The Inn has a beautiful location with plenty of space to play and exercise, surrounded by nature reserves and forests.

or more luxury:

Sports hotel de Moorselse Hoeve. This location has fourteen beautiful, cozy four-person bedrooms that are fully equipped, including a separate shower and toilet.

An intensive day of swimming and exercising will make you hungry. The participants therefore receive two bread meals and a hearty hot meal every day, which provide excellent energy replenishment. A professional chef provides us with varied and healthy meals throughout the week.



  • Training in Europe’s biggest swim centre!
  • Training with focus on starts en turns
  • Top training with video-analyses
  • Stay overnight in Geldrop or Lierop
  • All inclusive with breakfast buffet and 3 course evening catering.
  • 25 – 42 swimmers
  • Private and exclusive use of complete guest house
  • Transport to swimming pool by bus

The SportstarZ Start- turn special Eindhoven for all swimmers of 8 – 18 years old (YoungstarZ / JuniorstarZ / TalentstarZ) who are used to train several times a week.




Program winter

3 – 5 January 2024 fully booked !

Start-Turn-Finish Clinic