Amsterdam (NL) YoungstarZ
King Willem-Alexander swimming pool
Hoofddorp (Amsterdam region the Netherlands)

Amsterdam YoungstarZ: SportstarZ has opted for the beautiful “Koning Willem Alexander” swimming pool in Hoofddorp. (near Amsterdam). This sports complex was officially opened in 2014 by our own King. It is a modern and spacious sports complex.

SportstarZ will use one of the 3 swimming pools that the sports complex offers.

This pool has the omega starting blocks. These starting blocks are present at all major international competitions.
Our professional trainers train swimmers every day for better performance.




Swim Camp Amsterdam IS for

YOUNGSTARZ age 8 – 12 Years.

Slot Assumburg

We do not only train in the best location, also accommodation, dinner and recreational activities are gold at this camp. What about residing in a real 13th century castle in ‘Slot Assumburg’? After an intense day of learning and training everyone feels like a king or queen at this site, feeling you’re in a fairy-tale. It’s an ideal location to make fun with your new friends or relax before a new day filled with great gymnastics. Daily our professional chef prepares delicious, healthy and nutritious three course meals and we are driven to and from the sports centre by our luxurious coach in about 25 minutes.




  • Stay in beautiful castle
  • Privacy in 2-3-4-5-6 or 7-person rooms with private bathroom
  • Bedding provided
  • Full board
  • All inclusive with breakfast buffet and 3-course evening meal
  • Training in the most beautiful swimming 25m pool in Noord-Holland
  • Transport to and from the swimming pool with your own bus
  • Top training with video analysis
  • Train twice a day
  • Max 35 participants
  • Trainer ratio 1: 7
  • Private coach bus to the swimming pool
  • Recreation program
Amsterdam region 2020
  • 10 – 14 august 2020 YoungstarZ

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