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SportstarZ Swim Camp is the largest and most professional organizer of swimming camps in Europe.

Would you like to get the very best out of yourself as a competitive swimmer? Sign up for a great swim camp with SportstarZ. SportstarZ is an initiative of several top swimmers and coaches, the best European swim venues. This alliance guarantees high quality camps in which competitive swimmers will be given the utmost to increase their swimming skills and at the same time have a great holiday experience.


Our SportstarZ crew consists of professional supervisors, multiple experienced swimming stars and, through our Royal Dutch Swimming Federation well educated, enthusiastic swim coaches. Our vision focuses on improving swimming techniques. SportstarZ participants will be better swimmer through using a combination of technical and physical training and using advanced technological support. SportstarZ Swim Camp is perfect for every competitive swimmer from 8 to 18 years who is used to train several times a week.

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Besides the summer camps, there are also TalentZ weeks where the swimmers can get to know the life of a top-swimmer. The camps are divided on age and level.

We believe it’s important to enjoy your sports. Only when you have fun while swimming you can aim for success. That’s why, besides serious training, there’s enough time to make new swim friends and enjoy various recreational activities. SportstarZ is perfect for every competitive swimmer who aims to get the best out of themselves.

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Athletes who participate in our swim camps become better swimmers through a combination of technical and physical training. In our vision technique is the fundament of swimming. It’s important to start training the right swimming techniques at a young age. European swimming educations are of high standard. However, due to a lack of time and recourses these educations are not always able to get the best out of training. During our Summer Camps we focus on improving techniques on all swim strokes. During our 5-day spring- and autumn Specials we zoom in on starts, turns and streamlining.

Jacco Verhaeren (Olympic Coach)

swim camp Jacco Verhaeren

“Swimming at SportstarZ is a unique experience in which young swimmers can improve their swimming techniques and physical qualities in a perfect professional sports environment. Also travelling and staying in complete new environments is a part of professional sports and therefore a great learning experience too!”

Leonie Beck (Olympic swimmer)

Leonie Beck

Lenonie Beck ambassador of SportstarZ swim camps. Olympic swimmer of the German team. At the Tokyo 2021 Olympics 5th in the 10k open water. European champion 10k open water in Rome 2022. WorldChampion 10K open water 2023. 


As a result of our extensive professional swimming experience we can offer a training programme which meet the needs of competitive swimmers of a wide variety of levels and ages. We have a special focus on technique in which all strokes, starts and turns will be extensively trained during our Summer Camps.

SportstarZ works with top swimmers and trainers who bring in plenty of experience from the (inter)national stage. To maximize an individual’s potential we offer a high number of staff members through which we are able to answer participants’ needs on a individual level of attention. We boast a 1:7 swimmer-to-coach ratio to optimize coaching on all aspects of competitive swimming. Total number of participants varies from 30 to maximal 50 participants a week. SportstarZ training is based on the most modern training methodology one can find in competitive swimming.

Holiday !

Beside swimming modern competitive swimming also includes other aspects. That’s why SportstarZ also offers land training with core-stability drills as well as fun mental training.

All our swim camps are all-inclusive, dinner, drinks and a nice bed, participants don’t have to worry about anything. Like we said, performance comes with pleasure, that’s why beside swimming we offer all sorts of fun things to do after all it is a holiday! The exact activities we offer depends on the location you select.

Video analyses

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In cooperation with the national training centre we are able to offer you the most advanced electronic training devices to analyze and improve your swimming skills.

Dare to swim faster !

Dare to swim faster !

Click on the picture for the SportstarZ movie: Dare to swim Faster!

Holiday & recreation

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Performance comes with pleasure. But besides a lot of training it is also vacation. Speedo partner SportstarZ

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